Bespoke wedding films filled with character and personality. Filmed and edited with a unique perspective. Covering the Tuscany region and beyond!

To film a couple’s wedding is a privilege: to record a day that will be remembered forever, and will become part of their own family’s history. My job is to reflect the day. To be there for the most important moments; the first time the groom sees his wife-to-be, exchanging vows, the first dance and so on. But it’s about the small details, and moments too, which together make the day special and unique.

I am a British videographer and editor based in Florence, Italy. For ten years I worked as a video journalist for BBC and ITV. I first trained as a videographer 12 years ago at BBC, which means I have had some of the best training. Paired with my journalistic experience, I know how to structure and produce a good wedding film.

In 2011 I moved to Italy, where I have continued my love of videography. My films tell the couple’s story. I meet you beforehand, so I can understand your hopes and expectations of the day and its filming. When I am not filming weddings, I make corporate films, and teach journalism in Florence.

I am used to filming “live events” and working under pressure while making beautiful shots. I love to tell people’s stories in a visually compelling way and love a creative challenge. I’m highly professional, energetic and bring an element of fun to work.

I also got married in Italy, so I understand what it is like to marry abroad. While it might make planning a little more pressured, the excitement and beauty will be worth it. With Tuscany as your backdrop and your chosen background music, I will make you a film that will keep your own memories of one of the most important days of your life alive.


Tuscan Wedding – Villa Vignamaggio
Tuscan Wedding – Fiesole
Tuscan Wedding – Lucca


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