I’m a British former BBC video journalist who, since 2011, has been creating promotional videos, online content and shooting events for charities and corporations in Florence, Italy. As demand for video content has grown, so too has my business. I have a wide range of clients, but regardless of who they are, my films are united by the same elements; a strong story, beautiful images and smooth editing. My films have impact and emotion. I love what I do. I also love to tailor my content for websites, presentations or social media platforms and help to promote the businesses I work for.


I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and will propose a film which I feel delivers this. I will storyboard the film to communicate my vision and carefully plan our filming days. I use the latest cameras, microphones, drone and stabilisers to create simple but beautiful images. Lastly, I will edit together the images using nice graphics and music to deliver content whatever the platform.

My clients are always happy because I work hard to ensure so.