I love to meet people. Some of those I meet might have inspiring or unusual stories, or perhaps they are a link to a beautiful location. On the rare occasion that I have a free minute, I love to film people. Short and simple films which might make you smile.


While the world shut down due to COVID, I was out filming…well a dog with a GoPro on his back was. Camerawork credit goes to Ginger the Beagle. This film takes a look at Florence empty.


My neighbour once claimed his family’s life was saved by the symbol of Florence- the iris. How is this even possible I thought? So I let Massimo explain.


Come on holiday to Italy and you’ll find a bidet in every bathroom. This film takes a light-hearted look at alternative uses for that mysterious item in European bathrooms, (that’s if you’re not using it to wash your nether-regions!).


Meet Aldo. I’d often pass Aldo in the park, he’s always smiling, and happy to stop and chat. Hear his delightful memories of the allies in Florence.